Business and Asset Evaluation and Optimisation

With the shift in supply / demand balances and traditional oil flows, understanding how this can impact your business is key. We help companies evaluate their current asset base, look at ways of optimising to extract more value and identify new assets. Our team have proven track records of leveraging assets to increase profitability – these include identifying profitable new markets for refinery output, levering marketing assets to create new trading business streams – and we share this expertise with our clients.


Long term planning and forecasting can be a challenge. Does anyone know with any degree of certainty where the price of oil will be, or what the global political landscape will look like in five or even two years’ time?

More tangible value can be extracted by making decisions based on shorter term strategies. Sitreco helps clients identify and scope out supply and trading strategies and optimisations which can bring achievable results over the short to medium term. We focus on the specifics of the business and the realities of the market place, providing clear and concise recommendations to enable clients to make confident and informed decisions.

Sitreco’s services and advice are backed by first-hand experience of working on the commercial front-line. We understand how the oil markets work, what factors influence them and use our expertise to add value.

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