Simon Hillyer


Simon Hillyer

Simon has worked in the oil industry for over 30 years within the supply, trading and logistics sectors.

Prior to his move into consultancy, Simon was: a director of Caltex UK; Chevron’s regional trading manager for Europe, Africa and the Middle East and latterly the General Manager of products trading with Unipec, establishing their European and African businesses. His consultancy projects prior to Sitreco included: regional studies, business planning and crude and product evaluations.

Simon has built and managed both large and small profitable international trading operations, with teams that have included traders, analysts and operations personnel. He has worked in London, the Middle East and Far East and has developed and managed successful businesses in these locations, as well as in Europe, USEC and Africa.

Tracey Soar


Tracey Soar

Tracey has over 25 years of commodity and oil experience, with an emphasis on trading, business development and operations. Prior to her work with Sitreco, her consultancy experience included providing business development and market insight to various trading companies. She also worked with Aspentech to provide a bespoke inventory management system for ENI.

Before moving into consultancy, Tracey worked in the trading departments of Caltex, Chevron, Unipec, AOT and Kolmar, as well as work with indigenous African trading companies. She has experience of establishing a privately-owned trading company, which included putting in place operational and logistics procedures and templates.

She was a products trader for 10 years, as well as being involved in business development and new market entry. Prior to becoming a trader her roles included contract negotiation, claims recovery, inventory management and all aspects of oil cargo operations. She has experience of refined products across the barrel – fuel oil, distillates and light ends. She has worked in the United Kingdom, Switzerland and several African countries and is fluent in French.


Long term planning and forecasting can be a challenge. Does anyone know with any degree of certainty where the price of oil will be, or what the global political landscape will look like in five or even two years’ time?

More tangible value can be extracted by making decisions based on shorter term strategies. Sitreco helps clients identify and scope out supply and trading strategies and optimisations which can bring achievable results over the short to medium term. We focus on the specifics of the business and the realities of the market place, providing clear and concise recommendations to enable clients to make confident and informed decisions.

Sitreco’s services and advice are backed by first-hand experience of working on the commercial front-line. We understand how the oil markets work, what factors influence them and use our expertise to add value.

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